Improving negative experiences with food and your body

Kiara Tchir
April 13, 2020

Our mission at Savor is to help you create a better relationship with food by connecting more mindfully to yourself and to what’s on your plate.

Mindfulness is a way of maintaining awareness in the present moment to thoughtfully acknowledge and accept current thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, and surroundings. Using this technique while eating will give you a new way to connect to food, and to notice your cues of satisfaction, fullness, and hunger.

Almost all of us have had negative experiences stemming from both personal and cultural attitudes toward food and health. Practicing mindfulness will help you to move toward experiences that are more personally fulfilling and uplifting.

Below are some common experiences and a corresponding improvement that Savor can bring about for you.

Common Negative Eating Behaviors

Becoming aware of interactions with the self in terms of thoughts, actions, words, and behaviors, and choosing to instead make them positive and up-lifting.

Savor’s hundreds of guided practices are designed to help you activate mindfulness in order to explore your behaviors, emotions, beliefs, and experiences with food. They will lead you to see how your life story affects your present, and most importantly, how you can create a better relationship with food. It’s time to nourish both your body and your mind by ending your struggles with eating.

Savor provides a safe space where you can begin to tangibly experience these improvements. You are not alone in your quest to change how you relate to food. Download Savor from the App Store or Google Play and start creating a healthy relationship with food today.

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Start changing the way you look at yourself.

You are not alone in your quest to build a healthier relationship with food. In embracing mindful eating, you will learn to naturally find the weight that is right for you. Download Savor to begin a well-balanced life today.