Create a better relationship with food using Savor

Kiara Tchir
March 10, 2020
Your relationship with food is as unique as you are. If that’s not clear, just ask a room full of people, “What do you think about cilantro?” On a deeper level, you experience food in an entirely different way than the person sitting next to you.
At Savor, we call this a relationship because just as you relate to a friend or partner, you also relate to food: your experiences shape your feelings about it, you prefer to interact in ways that bring you happiness, you turn to it in times of need, it has influence over your life, and sometimes, it’s difficult to manage. But unlike friendship, you need food to survive. Having a functioning and fulfilling coexistence with food is essential for a full life. It’s our mission to help you develop this relationship.

Feel great about every meal

There are many reasons why you might struggle to feel comfortable in your skin, or why you might feel at odds with what’s on your plate. Perhaps you feel out of control around food, or maybe you feel like it’s controlling you. The frustration, confusion, and guilt that can result from missing the why in your personal journey with food is the catalyst for our work at Savor.

Everyone experiences their own journey with food. Whether you’re cycling between bingeing and restricting, wrestling with self-worth and body-image, or yearning for a deeper connection to the self, you are not alone.

Savor’s hundreds of guided practices are designed to help you explore your behaviors, emotions, beliefs, and past experiences with food. They will lead you to see how your life story is affecting your present, and most importantly, how you can create a better relationship with food. It’s time to nourish both your body and your mind by ending your struggles with eating.

What you’ll leave behind

If you’re tired of waiting for dieting, meal planning, counting calories, or weight loss supplements to improve your health and wellbeing, then you’re ready to experience a better way to relate to food. Learning to let go of these learned behaviors is a practice, and it takes voluntary surrender to nothing and no one but yourself. You’ll leave behind the self-perceived need to manage your body and your diet by applying the wisdom gained from insight and self-reflection.

We’ve created thoughtful lessons you can practice during your day, followed up with guided journaling to reflect on your progress. You’ll learn to identify which beliefs and behaviors aren’t serving you and gain practical tools to implement in your daily life.

What you’ll learn

Our daily lessons are created by practicing holistic nutritionists. You’ll learn how to eliminate black-and-white rules and impossible standards of perfection by building new skills and habits to shift how you feel about yourself, your health, and your body.

You’ll find a fresh perspective on food that’s unaffected by your past experiences. By imprinting new beliefs and cementing new habits, the self-compassion you’ll cultivate will establish the relationship with food you want and deserve.

Using a holistic approach, we’ll explore many avenues along the path to mindful eating. You can expect to develop your emotional self (your food script, internal dialogue, core beliefs), your relationships (finding balance, connecting to your physical body, cultivating both community and independence), and your daily life (work, sleep, movement, social media, time management, and more).

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Start changing the way you look at yourself.

You are not alone in your quest to build a healthier relationship with food. In embracing mindful eating, you will learn to naturally find the weight that is right for you. Download Savor to begin a well-balanced life today.