There is a growing acceptance that mindfulness needs to extend into food and how we interact with it. Savor is here to support this cause.

According to the nonprofit Global Wellness Institute, healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss represent a growing, $702 billion-dollar sector of the $4.2 trillion wellness market. How and what we feed our bodies has never received more scrutiny. The rise of dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, keto, paleo, and other diets show that we’re increasingly preoccupied with food.

Yet many of us still don’t know what to eat. We’re confused and overwhelmed.

In response, some experts are turning to personalized nutrition. This could include advice based on DNA, genotypes, and blood biomarkers. Silicon Valley also continues to churn out bio-tracking devices – from Fitbit to Strava to MyFitnessPal – to help us monitor every available health metric. But for the millions who can’t access cutting-edge medical technology or who are tired of counting steps, there’s a simpler, saner approach: listening to our bodies. This is where Savor comes in.

Mindful eating means connecting to how we feel, physically and emotionally, at every meal.

Savor is a mindful eating app that helps you to create a healthier relationship with food. Explore hundreds of guided sessions on themes including food behaviors, memories, life milestones, key relationships, and past traumas. Easy guided journaling exercises help you to heal and grow without dieting, obsessive food tracking, or talking about your “ideal” body.

There’s no calorie counting, photo documenting, or obsessive food tracking, period.

Our empathetic approach equips users to confront their issues with eating and body image. Guided journaling, developed by certified holistic nutritionists, inspire learning and healing at a comfortable, personalized pace.

We focus on the deeply-held stories that drive decisions and behaviors. The result is a more sustainable approach to eating, based on emotional wellbeing and self-acceptance.

Why you’ll love Savor

Savor provides a safe place to explore who you are, without any emphasis on achieving an “ideal body.” It guides you away from negative or limiting beliefs by reflecting on the experiences that have shaped your present.

Savor’s holistic approach simultaneously considers body image, eating behaviors, and mental health in order to promote healing. By examining both internal and external influences, we guide you to see yourself in a new light – and pave the way for lasting change.

Start changing the way you look at yourself.

You are not alone in your quest to build a healthier relationship with food. In embracing mindful eating, you will learn to naturally find the weight that is right for you. Download Savor to begin a well-balanced life today.

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch. Savor was created by a small, three-person team based in Vancouver BC, Canada. If you have any questions please reach us at