Mindful eating for a well balanced life.

Use mindful journaling to resolve emotions like guilt and shame that lead to dieting, bingeing and restricting.

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Refocus the purpose of eating back to nourishment, satisfaction, and fulfillment. This is a weight-inclusive approach to foster physical and psychological well-being.

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Your connection between food and feelings is powerful and complex.

Consider how your feelings shape your eating habits, and extend compassion to yourself as you uncover any eating behaviors that you’d like to change. Self-awareness is vital to this process, and Savor is here to get you started.

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"Savor has helped me establish a healthier relationship with food and I don’t feel the need to over- or under-eat. I’ve recommended it to many friends as it’s the only thing that has helped me recover from diet culture and I’ve actually noticed changes in my mood from using it."

- Jade B
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Change Your Relationship With Food

Learn to stop dieting, bingeing, and restricting. Refocus the purpose of eating back to nourishment, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Better align your mind and body with your relationship with food and eating.

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Discover and address triggering patterns in your life

Your life story is affecting your present decisions. Using journaling through mindful guided exercises, you will expose the beliefs that are causing harm to your body and mind. With mindful journaling, you can lead a life with more clarity and positivity.

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Address behaviors that can lead to eating disorders

If left unchecked, our relationship with food can have a detrimental effect on our health. The stress brought on from conventional diet culture often leaves us feeling inadequate. Taking a fresh look at your beliefs, emotions, and behaviors can help you to identify where your actions might be dysfunctional. This will, in turn, help create more positive eating habits.

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Start changing the way you look at yourself.

You are not alone in your quest to build a healthier relationship with food. In embracing mindful eating, you will learn to naturally find the weight that is right for you. Download Savor to begin a well-balanced life today.